Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Old news.

The post here was about an old topic of no current significance, it has been removed to clean things up a bit. If you wish to read the original post, please feel free to view the backup posted on a fan's tribute blog linked below.


Briana Dawson said...


You are so condescending. You completely make all these belittling comments regarding my real life as if they are relevant to the matter at hand, when really you are simply bad mouthing me.

I think you have shown yourself for who you are.

Mentioning of any of my RL situation has nothing at all to do with you, or your lies, or your blog. But it does show how low you will go in your attempt to cut someone down while taking the high road.

You can mention whatever you want about whatever i told you to anyone you want. I know i am real, and what i do is real, whereas...well, you know. You lie.

Briana Dawson said...

"She is going through a hard time in her life right now and I don't think she is able to think clearly or properly about things, instead, she is interpreting things in the most negative manner possible because she is having a hard time finding happiness in anyone, anything or anywhere. To her, she is a problem and she is looking for ways to prove to herself that she is a problem for everyone else she knows as well."

------ LOL - Get over yourself. Is that what you do? You make a blog for a rebuttle and just take digs at my RL?

Yes, I am going through problems i will get over - and what of your problems you won't ever get over?

Good job Vaelissa at making this real dirty looking. :D

Briana Dawson said...


Vaelissa Cortes said...

Real life issues are very relevant, they can and do affect how one behaves online, as people show time and time again. It is simply not possible to not be affected by real life. All I have posted is my explanation on why I believe you personally have acted in such an extremely rash manner. I am not taking "digs" at you.

After all, mature adults with a stable mentality do not suddenly jump to conclusions and freak out suddenly on long time friends, then immediately burn bridges without so much as even bothering to talk with them, you, however, did just that.

If there is no truth to those comments, you are welcome to explain in a calm, seriously.

How is that bad mouthing?

Yes, I have shown myself for who I really am, I have done so since day one. I am somebody who values friendship, I try to be honest, I value rational thought and resolving issues in a calm manner as mature adults, something I expected you to be capable of, but it seems I was mistaken.

As I said, real-life issues do come into play, you have shown that they affect your mental state quite a bit, as they do for everyone else in the world. The only one going "low" here is the person who appears to want there to be a problem.

What lies are there here? I honestly thought I told you the things I mentioned, I know for a FACT I told others, you were only one of several. I do NOT say or post things if I do not honestly believe them to be true, what reason would I have to do such a thing? You could have IMed me sooner and went "hey, Vae, you didn't actually tell me that, here is a log as proof" and I would have apologized, then gone back and corrected any forum post or whatever it was.

You know what? If you still want to dig through logs and whatever else, toss me a notecard, link me forum posts and whatever, point everything out to me, prove the facts, if I am mistaken, I have NO problem admitting it, there's a lot on my mind and things slip.

...but no, instead, you automatically assume I randomly want to start a problem and say things just to hurt you? That is not me. What is the more reasonable explanation? That A.) I honestly thought I told you those things or B.) I just wanted to start a problem because I suddenly decided to dislike you out of the blue. The answer is obviously A.

Vaelissa Cortes said...

While it is a bit flattering that you would make a blog dedicated to me, it only further shows the truth about you. Maybe I'll skim through a bit later when I have more time.

You are proving yourself to be a disturbed, very unreasonable and extremely bitter woman who is blowing things way out of...well, proportion.

I knew you liked drama, but I didn't think you thrived on it so much.

Again, if you want to try solving things like a mature adult, please feel free to calm down and talk.

Briana Dawson said...

"After all, mature adults with a stable mentality do not suddenly jump to conclusions and freak out suddenly on long time friends, then immediately burn bridges without so much as even bothering to talk with them, you, however, did just that."

LOL. Yea, thats not a dig at all - LOL

You lied in January, and you lied in July and even insulted Me, and then when i asked you about you said you would rather not get into it.

The reason this mature adult has acted the way she has is because I see clearly the type of person you are in the blog post you made. You are callous, condescending, intellectually lazy, and insulting, and more importantly, based on the varying stories you happen to juggle between different friends on matters that are your personal business, let me know for sure, full stop, that i don't want, or need you, as a friend. Not someone who could toss Katt away like that when she did so much for you. You are an angry little person, in your tiny little SecondLife.

I was here before you. I will be here after you. You have left nothing behind, you will not remembered, you are a nobody who hasn't produced crap in years and yet claims to make the "some of the best stuff in SL" - LIKE WHAT????!!!!

I won't be replying to you on this blog any further.

And yea, deleting lumpy face was no big deal since she didn't like me in the first place, never talked to me, and also did nothing but tell lies and show bullshit fake glam pics of herself which somehow can't be taken in the morning, or before bed, or with the dog whose pics get taken individually. LOL.

Yea, have fun with that.

Vaelissa Cortes said...

Well, that's settled I suppose. They say that those who mean the most to you can hurt you the most. Obviously Briana is taking this very personally, otherwise she wouldn't be resorting to such childish behavior.

She has to continue saying things, attempting to provoke and insult me to make herself feel better, it is a common defense mechanism.

I did like Briana before a few days ago, despite what she believes. It is a shame she makes up her mind and acts so rashly, tossing out all logical thought. Who knew she would be so hurt and hold such a grudge? If this was her nature before the blog post, I was too busy to see it properly

She is very sensitive and has done this before with others and ranted to me about it, I suppose I shall be added to her rants list now, but that's fine. I shall not bring her up in the future, she is best left forgotten.

One can not help but feel sorry for such a bitter person who continues to insult somebody for making an honest mistake and firmly refuses to believe them, somebody who has said they will try and correct said mistake if talked to in a mature manner.

That is fine though, it is another chapter closed in my life which I am no longer concerned with.

For the record, Katt left on her own after a misunderstanding involving my forgetfulness and some drama Briana herself brought up. Katt only wrote a small number of scripts, by the way, things Katt volunteered to do and which I took her up on to save another scripter friend some work. That is all I shall say on Katt though, what went on between her and I is long over.

If anyone wishes to read anything else Briana may have to say, go to her blog, apparently she has quite a bit more drama planned.

You can find her there insulting me for silly stuff like not wearing prim anklets, my tail being out of sync due to sim lag and only using a hand full of hair styles, it is pretty childish, bitter stuff, which is all she has to grab at. I find it amusing considering how hot she often said I was.

I am not going to hold that against her though, I understand it was said in bitter rage, perhaps one day she will calm down.

I will state this one last time, I fully admit that I may have misremembered telling her not to distribute the kit. I was certain I did (I recall telling a few others firmly), but apparently she says otherwise. I do not intentionally say false things.

If she wants to talk to me in a *mature* manner (which she has yet to do) and sort things out. I am open for it. Currently, all she has is insults. Who is the unreasonable one here?

Serene said...

Joy. Drama. And now I'm being dragged into it while not really having anything to do with it other than being associated with one of the parties involved.

Hello, Briana.

I am assuming your "lumpy face" comment was directed at me and I'd like to address it and simply request you leave me out of this.

You are certainly entitled to your opinions of me and, with this particular case of name calling, how I look. However, you really have no place telling me that I am fake based on a few hand-picked pictures that I decided to show you. I don't even know where you get the impression that the "bullshit 'glam' pics... which somehow can't be taken in the morning, or before bed" were in the morning or before bed since I have never, ever given any reference to time of day for when any of the pictures were taken. Most people will tend to try and pick out pictures they think look better to show people over ones that they think look bad. As for this dog you mentioned, you have seen maybe two or three pictures of said dog and know next to nothing about it, so you really aren't in any position to say anything about that at all. Just bringing this whole picture thing up shows how much you are trying to grasp at whatever you can to insult me with for something I am not even responsible for just because you are angry at Vaelissa, because as far as I know, I have never done anything to you or spoken ill of you to anyone that would make you say anything like this about me. And if there had been any issues before, you certainly never let me know. In which case, you are guilty of what you are accusing Vaelissa of doing.

You also mentioned that I never liked you in the first place, and that is not true. I have always enjoyed your company in the past when we use to hang out, but after the Promiscuous mansion closed down, I rarely saw you. I had made several attempts to contact you via IMs, but never got a response. The first few times, I just assumed you were too busy. Eventually, I just assumed you no longer wanted to speak to me anymore. If I didn't like you, I wouldn't have tried to contact you and I certainly would not have made multiple attempts at doing so if that were the case. So this is not a case of me not liking you, as that was not the case at all. It is a case of you never getting back in touch with me for whatever reason when I did try to get in touch.

As for these supposed lies I have told, I don't really know what lies you are referring to. If you are basing this on said pictures you mentioned, then keep in mind that you have seen a few pictures which only gives you a very, very small glimpse at one facet of who I am and is not really grounds for basing who or what kind of person I am. Saying otherwise is just based off of a lot of assumptions. As for anything that may have been said, as far as you are concerned I don't really speak to others about you, other than that, beyond trying to contact you a several times, we haven't spoken for a long time (except maybe one brief encounter very recently where you had to go afk abruptly), if your name is even brought up.

Serene said...

Fun, character limits...

Anyways, that being said, just leave me out of your drama and if you want to claim that you are trying to even remotely behave maturely, then keep your stupid insults and assumptions about me to yourself and leave that kind of behavior to bickering children. And stop lashing out at people who aren't really even involved in your quarrel. This issue is between you and Vaelissa. Vaelissa is not in the habit of discussing private conversations with me. She is very much her own person and will do her own things. Most of the time I do not even know she is talking to you, unless she tells me she is, which is very rare. I can understand removing me from your friend list because of this incident, but dragging me into this with your name calling and accusations of lying and being a fake over a few pictures you've seen is unwarranted and unfounded and put simply, very immature and low. My only involvement in this is that I am associated with Vaelissa. Other than that, this issue has nothing to do with me at all and I really have no desire to get involved.

Briana Dawson said...

Oh whatever you lumpy face clone.

Try being an original and not creating an SL and RL to match who you have chosen to clone.

Briana Dawson said...

Yes, i know it is immature, and low - I call it collateral damage, you faker. All you were was a Frienemy in the first place.

Though, it is not lower than your partner vaelissa dragging my RL into this with her psyche evaluation of me and what she thinks is happening to me in RL.

Yes, she may be her own person, but she has no problems laughing about how you get all emo sad and quiet when she takes off around the grid leaving you unable to "map your partner" - LOL.

I am sorry, but you guys really just whacked a hornets nest with a stick without even thinking twice about getting stung.

So deal with it.

Serene said...

Whatever. The loss of your nonexistent friendship doesn't matter one bit to me anyways. And your behavior makes me glad I am not friends with you.

What Vaelissa may think of me at times is irrelevant to the issue at hand. Our relationship is not perfect, and I have never pretended that it was. We have our problems just like any other relationship.

Have fun with your life. I really don't have any quarrel with you and I don't feel the need to throw insults at you or make fun of things you have said, done or has happened to you even if you do not feel the same.

Vaelissa Cortes said...

I was under the impression that you were not going to post here anymore, Briana.

The only reason I've mentioned anything of your real-life is because you seem fine with making issues public knowledge due how you display things in your profile, which, by the way, you yourself wrote. You have also in the past mentioned your issues on open forums (which you are no longer part of due to drama relating to you).

"I am sorry, but you guys really just whacked a hornets nest with a stick without even thinking twice about getting stung."

I am sorry that you still think we are concerned. Serene and I are not worried about petty insults and despite issues here and there, are amazingly happy together.

You have, yet again, failed to respond in a mature, adult manner.