Monday, July 12, 2010

Old news.

The post here was simply rant about some annoying things that had occurred, it has been removed to clean things up a bit. If one wishes to view the original post, please feel free to view the backup which was kindly provided by a commenter below.


Briana Dawson said...

you told me specifically i could distribute it when i asked you.

Briana Dawson said...

those remarks were not deserved and very unkind :(

Briana Dawson said...

and unless i made things up, the logs show something totally different. oh well. story of my life. I must be the easiest person in SL to dislike.

Vaelissa Cortes said...

I only recall telling you to take a look, you did quite a bit without permission.

The remarks mean nothing, don't be so sensitive and read too much into things, seriously. This is likely the cause of a lot of drama, not everything people say is meant to be insulting.

As for logs? Take a look at the latest blog post.

I don't dislike you, but I am done with you. Your recent behaviour towards me is the sole cause.

Briana Dawson said...

Uh. Sorry i deleted your friendship the other day, so i don't give a damn.
You are a liar. The logs i have show it. And whatever, have fun living your b.s. lies.

Anyone asking me can have the log, and I guess I will post it on my own blog so you can say its not true.

Done with me? Whatever. Continue your perfect dreaming.

Thanks for nothing.

Briana Dawson said...

Kinda funny how you make all these claims about avatars and what they have to look like to meet your standard and you walk around the grid looking like a noob criticizing everyone. How high mighty, talk talk talk but doesn't produce a thing.

I honestly wish I hadn't met you. I knew you were telling lies and stuff but i didn't think you would target me.

Briana Dawson said...

Briana Dawson said...

Yea and lets get one thing perfectly straight. After my last IM to you. I MUTED you and DELETED you. Not the other way around. So you can be done with me all you want but as far as I am concerned i kicked your traitorous lying fake self to the curb first - for whatever that is worth - 6 POINTS I WIN!

Vaelissa Cortes said...

As I have said before, if you want to actually try to act like an intelligent, mature adult, please feel free to contact me. I am perfectly fine admitting if I made a mistake if presented with proper evidence.

Yes, it is as you said, you removed me from friends and muted me. You did this without bothering to even try and have an honest talk with me. You just made up your mind and that was it, no chance for me to see what was up.

You act very confrontational and bitter, despite me saying several times to just try talking with me before jumping to conclusions. Which you have proven to be completely unwilling to do.

If all you can do is act like a child and toss out immature, meaningless insults without trying to resolve anything, I do not have any further reason to care about this issue.